Enriching Our Range – Natural Cuttlebones for Birds!

We are thrilled to introduce a new addition to our product line – natural cuttlebones for birds, now available in two new, practical sizes. Perfectly suited for both small and large species, they are a true superfood in the world of bird nutrition.

Cuttlebone and Healthy Bones

Calcium is an excellent building material, and cuttlebones are its natural source, indispensable for maintaining strong and healthy bird bones. Regular provision of cuttlebones allows birds to obtain the necessary amount of calcium, contributing to the maintenance of strong and resilient bones.

Beak Care, Aesthetically Speaking

For a bird, the beak is a tool for eating as well as cleaning its feathers. Cuttlebones offer an ecological way to care for it. Being a natural source of calcium, it helps maintain a healthy and strong beak, facilitating these important activities for birds.

Shells – The Key to Healthy Generations

The breeding season is a time when cuttlebones play a crucial role in forming strong eggshells. Providing the right amount of calcium is vital for ensuring the health and strength of the shells, which affects the success of the hatchings and the health of the offspring. Take care of your birds’ little ones even before they hatch!

A Varied Diet is Essential!

In our domestic ecosystem, where natural sources of calcium may be limited, cuttlebones can provide a varied dietary supplement. Daily provision of cuttlebones allows for dietary diversification, which can be crucial, especially for birds that do not have access to natural sources of calcium in their environment!

Stay up to date with the best practices in the breeding of ornamental birds and ensure their full health with our latest offer.