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In the case of omnivorous rodents such hamster, mouse, rat and gerbil, the answer is very simple. Their diet should include a variety of grains and seeds. It gets more complicated in the case of herbivorous rodents such as guinea pig, chinchillas and rabbit. The diet of this group of animals should be based on high quality hay, provided with no limitations, accompanied by various, properly selected herbs, supplemented with specialty mixes. We should remember that when we look for rabbit feed, it should be high in fiber and low in protein (although no lower than 10%). These mixes can contain a small amount of grains. They are not poisonous for them, providing lots of energy, thus they are calorific. When you do are not careful about the amount of feed given to your pet, your pet is not free range, thus it has restricted access, you should choose grain free food.
The Vitapol brand offers a wide range of product lines, among which the most demanding pet will find something it likes. The most popular feed for rodents and rabbits are Excellent and Expert feed lines, supplemented by our sales hit, which is Vita Hrabal hay. Perfect additions to hay and feed are 100% natural mixes of herbs, vegetables and fruits, allowing pet owners to compose meals according to preferences of their pets. For birds, the most recommended feed line is the Premium line, which can be completed with the refreshed Vitaline line of supplementary feed. Soon, it will be expanded by new, healthy snacks.
The amount that you feed your hamster depends on the stage of its growth and weight. Small species of hamster, such as Roborovski dwarf hamster, can eat a small spoon of feed (approx. 5g) and larger ones like Djungarian hamster 2-3 spoons (approx. 5-15g) of feed. It should be known that hamsters hide some food given to them in a safe place. When you notice that your pet has stored a large amount of feed, you should reduce the amount of daily feed given to hamster, forcing it to use its stored food. When in addition to complete feed you provide other supplementary feed and snacks, you should appropriately decrease the amount of basic food given to your pet. Remember to ensure access to fresh water for your hamster.
We supplement all types of vitamins according to recommendations on the product label. The majority of vitamins available on the market serve only as supplement rather than medicine. Their purpose is to support animal welfare on a daily basis. Usually, they are added to drinking water, which should be replaced at least once a day. Sometimes, you can sprinkle the feed. Vitamins should be selected appropriately to bird’s health condition. When you suspect that your pet is getting sick, do not try to cure it on your own, but consult your veterinarian before administering any vitamins.
There is no straightforward answer to this question. There are many causes why canaries don’t sing. They include environmental conditions like incorrect position of the cage, too short day, limited access to natural light, improper air humidity levels, noise, etc. Other factors include lack of energy due to incorrect nutrition and stressful situations. When your pet is a female canary, you should not expect any opera arias. Ensure you have a male canary, since they sing. Canaries do not sing in a natural way during the period of molting (twice a year), when they direct all their energy to replacement of feathers, which is a stressful bodily process. It should be remembered that in this period, you should supplement bird’s diet with additional energy mixes, such as Vitaline. However, do not exaggerate with it, since fat canaries may be too lazy to sing. When your canary suddenly stopped singing and nothing has been changed in its surrounding and diet, and it is not related to the period of molting or its old age, you should consult your veterinarian.
Smakers is a registered tradename for snacks in the form of sticks, which can be hung in a cage. The offer of the Vitapol brand features a wide variety of flavors, making sure that something tasty for your pet can be found easily. Smakers is also a perfect supplementary feed. The offer also includes equivalents of bulk animal food that can serve as complete feed (Smakers Expert, Smakers Excellent). What makes Smakers excellent pet feed – first of all production technology. The main part of Smakers is the stick made from deciduous trees (limited resin content), to which a binder is applied combining the cereal base with outside mixture, determining flavor of Smakers. In the case of non-cereal Smakers, grains are replaced with small granulated lucerne. Smakers production is handmade in 80%, and its drying is a very unique process on the market. Vitapol Smakers are dried at a temperature that is not higher than 65ºC and are not baked. This process ensures better preservation of nutritional values of ingredients (fruits, vegetables, herbs). No sugar or honey is used in Smakers production. Finished Smakers is vacuum packed, ensuring its best before date for 2 years.
Vitapol products can be purchased in pet stores throughout the country as well as many online stores offering products for rodents, birds and rabbits. It is also possible to buy products from the official store of the Vitapol brand, which is available on the following website
The offer of the Vitapol brand features products for small pets such as rodents, rabbits and birds. We recommend high quality dog and cat food of such brands as Happy Dog and Happy Cat. Dog owners can be also interested in the offer of the brand Lolo Pets Classic, which features some unique snacks, cakes baked on special occasion, drops and cookies.
Excellent and Expert are high premium feed products offered by the Vitapol brand. What separates these two product lines is the type of raw material used as an ingredient. Excellent feed is 100% extruded complete pet food, in which every piece contains the same mix of ingredients that are perfectly adjusted to nutrition physiology of individual animal species. Feed for herbivorous rodents and rabbits does not contain cereal grains. On the other hand, they are rich in long, raw fibers that are necessary for proper functioning of the digestive system in these animals. With an addition of tasty vegetables and fruits they supplement daily diet in vitamins and minerals. Excellent feed for omnivorous animals (hamster, gerbil, rat, mouse) supplemented with animal protein (poultry, salmon) and the right amount of cereal ensures vitality and energy. Added herbs, vegetables and fruits provide comprehensive nutrition and proper digestion. Recipes of Expert line feed are based primarily on extruded ingredients distinguished by high digestibility and availability; in addition, the mixes are supplemented with dried vegetables, fruits and herbs, making them more attractive and ensuring natural vitamins and minerals.
The production company of the Vitapol brand has for years been operating based on Quality Management Systems in compliance with ISO 9001 (allowing to manage the entire organization focusing on maintenance of quality) and ISO 22000 (with an emphasis on product safety). Successful completion of certification process and annual audits result from commitment of the entire company to constant improvement of product quality and safety, striving to meet customers’ requirements. We guarantee that we offer high quality products and services, making customer satisfaction our top priority. Our company is under strict control of veterinary inspection. Every supplier of materials used in feed production is also under veterinary supervision and is HACCP certified. Once a year, the P.W. HOBBY Piotr Matuszewski company commissions conducting of ethical audit in order to confirm that employees receive fair treatment and have decent and safe working conditions.


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