Pets World is a quarterly magazine for pet lovers, where you can read articles about zoology. In cooperation with breeders, veterinarians and nutrition specialists, the editorial office introduces readers to interesting issues from various fields of the zoological industry. In addition, in each issue, readers will find a children’s corner, a calendar of animal holidays or a crossword puzzle with prizes.

Income from each number goes to help animals.

In the fifth issue you will find the following articles:

– 7 things you didn’t know about chinchillas
– ABC of the canary
– Parrot baldness – what could it mean?
– Dog Aggression – Cause and Symptoms
– Pet-friendly places – Hotel Lake Hill Resort & SPA
– The autumn of our birds
– Interview with a volunteer from the Psi Głos Association
– Sterilization or castration of a female cat – what to choose?
– Skin problems in dogs – your veterinarian advises
– Interview with the editor-in-chief
– Dog delicacies – snacks not only for munching
– Bearded Agama in your house
– Shrimp house
– Guide to dog breeds – Dalmatian
– Holiday calendar
– Crossword puzzle with prizes
– Children’s corner
– News on the market

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